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. >> that will be the problem for the rest of the evening. that's the spot we'll have to cope an eye on as annapolis' high tide comes in a little after 8:00. the winds have been a big issue all day, southerly winds between 15 and 20 miles an hour. sustained winds at 23. all that wind pushing the close is a peek waters along the immediate shore between harford county down in anne arundel county and here are the high tides after midnight, havre de grace and ft. mchenry. tidal cycles running one to three feet. we'll send it over to wyatt. >> absolutely, that's the other aspect of the weather we have to watch for, the coastal concerns. the hour by hour forecast through the overnight period will clear conditions out and we want to remind you to check out our storm shield weather app as well as our weather app. they're available now at the itune store or in the google play store. if you have android, you can get the storm shield app. >> the wind blowing hard enough that we've been dealing with restrictions on the bay bridge for most of the day. we're taking a look at 50 at sandy point. the traffic is moving okay. of
of the cases the thieves didn't have to work too hard. >> you come to annapolis to relax. some people may relax too much. there were several car break-in the last couple of days. >> not all were break-ins. in one case the car had its windows down. in another the car was unlocked and the keys were in it. that car was stolen. >> if you have to keep your laptop in your car for some reason, put it in the trunk where no one can see it, your phone, gps unit just so it's out of sight. >> done carren ter works in annapolis and works here every day. >> it's always locked. people can always pass by and go in and grab something. >> reporter: others have a little more faith in our fellow man. >> maybe i'm too trusting. i think a few of them aren't. i guess we trust them and we get a little lax. >> when you're in annapolis or anywherefore that matter, when you park your car, roll up your windows and lock your doors. it could solve a lot of problems. in annapolis, don harrison. >> so far, no arrests have been made f you saw anything over the weekend, give police a call. >> the orioles, yankees rivalry. it's
, john gonzalez. seriouslyople in annapolis in a shooting that briefly sparked a scare.k rang out on medicare everest. hazmat crews were called to the after fears a stray bullet had hit a gas line. appears the line was not damaged. the man is in the hospital. >> mitt romney has the only the calendaron today, speaking at a ohio.cturing firm in that's all by a fundraiser in chicago. mitt romney was off the campaign .rail yesterday attended church with his wife in belmont, massachusetts. he appeared in a taped interviews on the sunday talk shows. president obama taking a today from the campaign trail. he may need it after the e in florida. >> [laughter] >> the president said to the man he was the biggest pizza shop owner he had ever seen. he gave the president a pair -- a bear hug. the man runs a foundation that helps collect blood for the ill. president obama told him that he heart.big p >> rg3 did not disappoint, the redskins to a 40-30 40-32 victory over new orleans. quite a start for gryphon. would not think there nau much the saints and the agree on, a trip bart was. >> d.c. fin
at the cathedral of mary our queen he will belaid to rest in annapolis. >>> all right. flags are flown at half-staff in honor of a harford county sheriff deputy killed yesterday in a car crash. corporal charles liwato lost control -- licato lost control and struck a guardrail before slamming into a tree. this was early yesterday morning. 14 years on the force. the sheriff dfs plans to drape the headquarters -- department plans to drape the head quarters and cars and badges in black in memory of the corps. >>> this is a story that rocked many of us in maryland and around the nation for that matter the first day of school. you can help the teen shot on the first day at perry hall high school. he is recovering in the hospital and tonight a benefit will be held at gun powder lodge to raise money to help his family. it's $25 all inclusive happy hour including food, music and raffels from tonight -- raffles from tonight until 4. >>> stay with us this morning. some birthday. >> a man taking off on a plane was the subject to prank. >> some say it's good idea and others say they have way too many fees
in annapolis. there is some rain, humidity widespread. with that sun popping through the clouds, it's heated up quite a bit. the heat index, 95, feeling like 96 downtown. nearly 90 in frederick. the rest of the evening we'll fall through the 80s, a few showers. more than a few showers through the day tomorrow. more on that coming up. >>> listen, we can take the forecast with us on the road. just head to -- abc 2 >>> we had a hazmat incident in buccaneer bawfnlgt a pair of teens tried to concoct a substance they wanted to sell to other kids to get high. it prompted the evacuation of homes in the lockerbie heights neighborhood. you'll be surprised by one of the mother's reaction. >> reporter: the mother said her son posed a threat to her, himself and the community at large. neighbors became evacuees after the chemical scare on oakley road. >> had some chemicals in his basement. >> reporter: chemicals initially suspected to produce bombs or crystal meth turned out to be a huffing scheme to make a quick buck. >> an 18-year-old man and a 19-year-old man were mixing engine starter f
in the word of 5 to -- area of 25 to 30 miles an hour. 8:00 in annapolis. if you live in an hear prone to the coastal flooding, be aware we'll be dealing with higher coastal flooding. >> that was a great update. if you're along that immediate chesapeake area, places along the south part of edgewater, south of annapolis, those are the areas you want to watch out for the high tide cycle. the rain and storm scenario will clear from west to east. the most valid for the eastern shore of maryland. we'll have much more on the rest of the week. changes ahead. that's coming up. >>> because of this weather, many of the schools in our area had to cancel the afternoon and evening school activities. head to the weather page to sign up for the severe weather alert. >>> another big story making news. confronted by a pair of strangers, a carroll county man survived a vicious attack. >> the attack happened in the front driveway of his home. >> reporter: cries for help inside oak okay estate sent neighbors running to this home on stillwater road where they saw the homeowner. >> he had a white shirt on a
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and south of annapolis. in the central part of baltimore county and cecil county as well we have some showers. this system is moving very slowly, maybe 10 miles per hour to the north. this will cross over into carper county in the next 15 minutes or so. all of these storms have the possibility of producing some local flooding. the forecast for today is off and on showers and thunderstorms. there will be some dry hours mixed in there, and it is awfully humid. we will be back in a few minutes to look at the forecast through the weekend. >> police in baltimore county and are looking for a suspect who may have robbed a convenience store in lansdowne. officers regard -- responded just before 2:00 this morning. the store clerk was shot and it is in critical condition at this hour. the search for the suspect continues. baltimore city police say they are still looking for the suspect to shot up a labor day party this weekend, killing a 23-year-old woman. the woman was in the front yard of the party when someone and block away opened fire, striking her in the chest. detective do not believe sh
seriously annapolis in a shooting that a gas leak scare. the shots rang out before midnight on that forever is a street near frederick douglass. . shot and one of in kenya. he's in critical condition. hazmat teams were called to the after fears that a stray bullet had hit a gas line. police are investigating the stabbing that happened in in the 2700shington langton place. was stabbed and was taken to hospital with life- threatening injuries. >> a police officer and motorcade died's in a crash and its florida. pickup trucks hit the officer as he blocked off streets. was during the president's .isit >> a motorcycle officer was riding ahead of president 95 in westorcade on beach sunday when a pickup him. hit was getting ready to close an to the >> the officer was a 20-year the jupiter police years as a motor officer. >> it family, friends, and colleagues comforted each other. the accident is still being investigated. >> the investigation is being beachted by the palm county sheriff's department with the assistance of the florida highway patrol. the president was there for a afterwit
is typical of this time of year. the record was 99 in 1953. 82 in annapolis. 73 at the boardwalk where it is raining. frederick, 81. lighter clouds to the west. the sun is trying to warm things up. fredericksburg, 79. 81 in charlottesville. petersburg has sunshine at 83 degrees. there is the son that has broken through in parts of virginia, even west virginia. a lot more cloudiness to the west. here is what is left of isaac. a front stalled on top of us. very tropical. most of the rain has been just to the south. in baltimore, no rain today. south of annapolis and in the washington area, they did have rain shower activity. the front will be here tomorrow. the weak low pressure center will be in illinois and indiana tomorrow. we will not see big change in the weather. a risk of rain tonight. it will be cloudy and humid if it is not raining. tomorrow, 79 to 83 for highs. about the same as today. we still have the rain risk tomorrow. generally cloudy skies with the chance of scattered storms. some rain could be heavy. the wind southeast 5 to 10 knots. how much rain could we get tomorrow?
56, 53 annapolis. 51 chesapeake beach. over to you meagan and charlie. >> the game had to be stopped because of a streaker. rest assured you have seen this guy before. >>> a fire started yesterday afternoon 65 miles east of san diego. one thousand acres burned, four different structures along the u.s. mexico border, they have been destroyed. two helicopters, four air tankers and 15 engines joined the fight in helping the crews get the fire under control. the cause is being investigated. >>> u.s. officials say they have found debris, this is from last year's earthquake and tsunami in japan. it showed up near hawaii. this runaway dock has been spotted off of the coast of maui. one of the four missing docks that broke away is from that. there is now concern that the dock could damage boats if it gets closer and closer to shore. experts predict the debris could reach the pacific coast by tends of the year. >>> the ravens game was delayed because someone ran on to the field wearing a cape. >> you can see the man jumping over the fence, near the cheerleaders and running from security guar
of threatening to carry out a mass shooting at a state office in annapolis. suspect james armstead says he believes the charges against him are fueled by √°fictionn... not fact. fact. armstead made a phone call lass month to the child support office in annapolis... where police say calls are recorded... with threatssto kill an employee and himself. they call it aa "batman-style shooting" threat... like colorado's movie massacre. armstead... who is out on a bond now... admits he was anggy that day.... but that he never made any threats to anybody. (armstead) "i don't know why would make her go and do something like that, to say something like that. to try to get me lockee p, to try to get me aaay from my kiis. why would you go up and make up a summary like that towards me and my life is on the line on h" here" armstead is scheduued to appear in court in november. in the meantime... police and prosecutors aae not commenting on the case. mitttrommey continues to clarify and defend his secretly recorded comments about the electorate from a fundraiser in may. may.meanwhile... as ed payne
what she thinks. >> she will. >> 80 in annapolis. these are some of the warmest temperatures we've had in several week at 5:00 in the morning. 77 in fredericksburg. going to be another warm day. temperature will be in the upper 80s later this afternoon. still going to be very humid, at least the first half of the day. as we get into the afternoon, there may be a little bit of try air that tries to work in from the north and west. we're quiet right now. a couple sprinkles north of baltimore. a few showers in western maryland. this is associate wade weak cold front. so weak, it won't really make it through the area. behind this front, as it pushes south and ea a little later this afternoon, there is some slightly drier air. you may notice the humidity waning just a little bit later on today. a series of cold frontss. we will gradually improve things around here over the next couple of days. this is sort of the first hit it was later this afternoon. so things will get better around here, gradually dry out and eventually cool down as we get into the weekend. here is your futurecast. put it
in annapolis. many areas mid- to upper 70s. 6:00 a.m., here comes monika. she has timesaver traffic. >> there's an accident on the southbound side of gallows road at the beltway blocking the left lane. that's it for any accidents that i have this morning coming in from the north side of town. no problems out of baltimore on 95, columbia, route 32 and 29 and the bw parkway looks great as well as you leave fort meade and heading for greenbelt and cheverly inside the beltway. we'll take a live look outside and show what you it looks like first on 270. southbound side, yup, this is definitely beginning to slow down. it's going to be off and on from frederick to 109 and then solid now all the way down to 121 before that pace improves. it looks good down at the point where the lanes divide. back over to the maps. this time we'll head over to the other side of town. if you're planning to head in on 95 northbound, a couple of long, slow stretched out of aquia harbor toward dumfries and woodbridge. we'll take another live look if you're planning to head south over on the wilson bridge, no problems thr
. this happened in the 9400 block of annapolis road tonight. annapolis road is shut down. the driver stayed on the scene of the crash, and the accident right now is under investigat n investigation. dozens of car windows shot out by bb guns. some of the incidents happened at a local mosque. police say it was not the target, but darcie spencer spoke to some people who are still very concerned. >> the windows of this car were shot out by a bb or pellet gun. it was parked in front of an islamic mosque in falls church. >> if someone was attempting to target only muslims, they missed the mark, in this community we live together. >> reporter: four communities were targeted, setting off fears of a hate crime. it appears to be random. about two dozen cars were shot up in the overnight hours within a seven mile radius of the mosque. >> there's no evidence to believe this is a hate crime or it's targeting one reridgeous group. >> it's a hateful act even if it's not a hate crime. >> reporter: after hearing about the vandalism, members of nearby christian churches came out to support the mosque. a mos
. annapolis today was a cloudy weather situation which not much sun until late in the day. there were showers, on and off across the area. no question about that statewide. there are some little late day clearing. in ocean city one of the last places to clear, now we are seeing blue skies, breakthrough at the beach here to end the day. take a look at the rainfall totals across the central part of the state. about a tenth of an inch, annapolis just under a tenth of an inch. federals bug getting nearly six tenths of an inch, more than a half inch there and totals higher toward the beaches, look at some of the temperatures, low 80s and upper 70's but with the humidity it does feel warmer and overall we continue to look for a mucky situation for the game tonight. current conditions now at pwi, 80 degrees, humidity at 76%, light southeast breeze but not much of one and the big story has been that high humidity level along with showers, keeping it just feeling damp outside. very damp conditions, the dew points surging above 70, the humidity holding tom. it's up toward pittsburgh and ohio. we are op
, especially with this cell here toward annapolis. other showers south and southwest of town. everything moving north and east. so the stuff we're seeing east of i-95 moving into charles county, this is attacking that way. there's a very heavy cell, colonial beach, the northern neck, you're probably going to see this rain the next one to two hours. this cell is moving up this week but queenstown up to chester towntown, will have to worry about that in the immediate future. strong downpours in these thunderstorms and that's really going to be a problem in some spots. full forecast coming up in a few minutes. jc? >>> a suicide bomber attacked a u.s. government vehicle in pakistan today. two pakistanis were killed and more than a dozen others were injured, including two american consulate workers. pakistani police say the bomber packed his car with 240 pounds of explosives and rammed the car into a u.s. vehicle on a busy street. there has been no claim over responsibility but al qaeda and the taliban are suspected. >>> there is a trib bought today to a fallen navy seal. petty officer first class p
from annapolis to edgewater, all paying their respects to patrick feeks as his body was taken to dover air force base to the george kalas been wrong. he was 28 years old when he was killed and a helicopter crash kalasthe georgelk funeral home. >> i owe these people. everyone of them have given me what i can do today. and everybody else. >> i did not even know that down the street, it is solid, all the way down. lots of people. we just found out about it this morning. >> to this navy seal who has fallen, these people appreciate all and he has done for us, and his comrades and all the military who are serving their country. >> a funeral service will be held at 12:45 p.m.. feeks will then be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. marylanders looking at not finding democrat this labor day. how local restaurants are responding to that shortage. -- not finding jumbo crabs this labor day. >> isaac's contribution to the holiday weekend has been this very tropical air. the humidity is way up there, 94%. the rating at ocean city right now, but in has been trading close to home. 77 at >> ev
tayler was buried in annapolis. survived by his wife and two young children. >>> a nice sunny day in downtown baltimore as the fans were getting ready for the game. we are looking at storms and cross your fingers that the game doesn't get rained out. when will the storms roll in, hopefully 11:00 after the game. >> it would be nice. it does look like the timing may interfere with the game. we had decent weather thursday. the game tonight was outstanding weather. we got great weather for saturday and sunday. low 70s now humidity high. dew points have come down but it is still humid. that humidity could help build the storms as they drift in. you see them from canada and michigan all the way down to southern missouri. the storms are strong to severe. we will see how they hold together as they approach our area late tomorrow afternoon and evening. overght, quiet and muggy. we will look for storms in the afternoon. much more on that and the rest of your weekend. >>> after the big storm back on june 29th. people that live in little river was promised that help was on the way. christian
burnie man accused of threatening to carry out a mass shooting at a state office in annapolis believeshis charges are fuelld by fiction.. not fact. ffct. anne arundel county police say james armstead made a phone call last month to the child support office in annapolis.. where calls are recorded.. with threats to kill an employee and hhmself. police all it a "batman-style shooting" threat.... like colorado's movie massacre. armstead, out on a bond now, admits he was angry that day.. ......but says he ever made any threats &pto anybody...... (armstead) "i don't know why would make her go and do pomething like that. to try to get me locked up, to try to get me away frrm my kids. why would you go up and make up aa summary like that towards me and my life is on the line on h" &phere" armstead goes to court in november.... meantime.... nn comment tonight from police or prosecutors. d-c... police... continue to investigate... an... attaak... aboard ... a... metro train silver spr. spring.authorities... say... it happened yesterday .../ as ...
you some great cameras. over annapolis is overcast. showers continuing to come down. in the '70s. muggy. we have so much moisture to tap there.t a look at some of these rain totals. the hardestni hit. had 3 inches. i'm sitting about 1.25 inches in spotsylvania. 1.3 in ocean city. half-inch in oxon hill. 0.4 inches in dale city. some flood warnings in lexington park will be tapering off. we are seeing some breaks in spots, but it will take time. there is a frontal system to our south and east. degrees downtown, 79 in annapolis, 77 in winchester, 78 in martinsburg. with dew points in the '70s, it is humid. we are looking at a drier air .attern on sunday it will been less humid. this is a snapshot from above. in western clearing the panhandlento virginia. we will gradually see some clearing. the sun does not go down until 7:00 or so. how much sunshine will determine if your temperatures get close 90. even if we don't get there, it warm becauseally .mcinnugginess our forecast, showers will taper this afternoon. give way toay little sunshine. we were hoping for low 90's earlier. may s
hours. we have 73 in annapolis. -- before that sun finally came through in the afternoon hours. here is a look at your day planner. by midday, about 84 degrees. the mugginess and humidity will be a bit of a factor. our daytime high, we are heading for that 90-degree mark. some interesting changes for our weekend forecast. i'll tell you about that later. >> she said interesting. >> i didn't say bad. i said interesting. >> we know you love fridays as well, julie wright. >> absolutely. on the roads, you will find that the lanes are open if you are continuing your trip southbound along 270. no signs of any roadwork on the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. here we are live at new hampshire avenue with traffic flowing freely on both the outer loop and inner loop. >>> that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. timetraffic. >>> president obama wraps up the convention. >> he told delegates that voters have a fundamental choice in this year's election. here is what he had to say. >> our friends down in tampa at the republican convention were more than happy to t
altmore joy lepola fox 45 news at 5:00. police need your hhlp iddntifying a bank robber in annapolis. 3 these areesurveellance photos &poffthe masked man who robbed the bank annapolis on bestgate road around 9-30 tuesday morning.police say he was armed, whennhe demanded money from the tellers... you can see from the photos, it looks like he's stuffing the cash down his sweatshirt. anyone with information should call anne arundel couutyy police. prosecutors have agreed to drop assaalt charges against a basketball star... if he completes a program with the house of ruth.aquille carr was arrested last month for allegedly punching and kicking his former girlfriend .. and appeared in court todaa, where prosecutors agreed to place the ase on the inactive docket if carr completes a 22-week program.otherwise, they can reinstate the charges. the... harford county sheriff's department ... buriis.../ its... second deputy... in a week. week. -bagpipe nats, carrying coffin-- coffin---- 43-year--od... sgt... ian lock-ran... was... laid to rest this morning.../ an...
in frederick and gaithersburg. 65 at andrews air force base and 71 degrees along the water in annapolis. we do have some nice, mild temperatures out there right now. as we head into tomorrow, a cold front that is on the way is going to bring an end to the summer-like feel that we have out there. that cold front will bring us a chance for showers and thunderstorms on saturday, especially in the evening hours. then sunday, after the cold front sweeps through, we'll see some cooler and less humid air starting to move on in. so good news in our forecast for just about everybody. if you like the summer-like heat, we have that in the forecast for you tomorrow. satellite and radar, here comes the cold front. there's plenty of rain in association with this. we do need the rain. so that's good news and we'll see some of that and then behind that front, of course, we bring in the cooler and dryer air. you'll see that here on future cast. just a few of those clouds starting to make their way toward us as we get into the lunch-time hour. it is dinner time that you might need that umbrella. you can see som
, currently it is 78 degrees right now at reagan national airport. we have 80 already at annapolis. 76 degrees at bwi thurgood marshall, 74 to the south in fredericksburg. so a hot, sticky day today. i can't rule out showers or isolated thunderstorms popping up throughout the course of the morning because that system is actually continuing to push that wet weather a little more to the east but we'll stay on top of it for you. we'll have details for your weekend forecast a little later. back to you. >>> a former president gives quite the seal of approval to the current president. bill clinton, president clinton, gave a fiery speech to the democratic delegates at the convention last night in his support of president barack obama. as fox's doug luzader reports from charlotte, president obama will accept the renomination tonight with a little change in plans. >> reporter: there has been some last-minute drama here but last night former president bill clinton largely stuck to his script and made the case for president obama. one convention, two presidents. president obama came on stage to thank for
. and martinsburg at 55. 54 at winchester. 52 at gaithersburg. bwi at 59 degrees and 63 degrees at annapolis this hour. we're talking about a ridge of high pressure that will continue to build. in and sunday, we will see plenty of sunshine for you. but we got to keep an eye on a couple of systems. pushing up from the south. another one from the west. this is a pretty strong frontal system. it looks like we will see some rain gradually moving in, into the course of monday. as the day progresses, the rain chances are going to increase. i don't think they're going to start too early in the morning hours. i think it will be probably more later in the day that we will have to zeal with it but stick around and -- deal with it and but stick around and a soaker coming into tuesday with the same system. be aware of that if you're planning anything outside. in the tropics, we have a hurricane. category one hurricane nadine. which is actually about 1080- mile, as you can see, away from bermuda, however, it is not headed that way. good news for them. it will take a northeasterly curve right to the azore
. 73 in culpepper, virginia, 74 in la plata, maryland. and 76 in annapolis. nothing showing up just yet some of we'll be dry for the rest of this evening. have been a few sprinkles down on the lower parts of the eastern shore, but they haven't been bothering us. as a result. sunday evening looks good. sunny breaks for the next little while. sundown at 7:14 this evening. mid 70s for now. back to the middle and upper 60s by 11:00 and rain drop chances are arising. we'll talk about that on the seven-day, coming up are. >> a calmer day across the middle east and the rest of the muslim world after a week of deadly protests. but today contradictory claims about the attack on the u.s. consulate that killed ambassador chris stevens. libya's president says the attack was planned, but that's not what u.s. officials are saying. nbc's brian mooar has the latest. >> was the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya spontaneous, or did terrorists use protests over an antiislamic film as cover? >> opportunistic extremist elements came to the consulate as this was unfolding, they came with heavy weapons, w
. >> i personally have had enough of the humidity. 57 right now in washington. 72349 annapolis. 80 in quantico. -- 79 in annapolis. the leftovers with isaac continue to roll on through. we are getting a couple of light showers pushing up towards dale city. this has just bubbled up in the last 15 minutes. very unstable, very humid. a lot of water in the air mass here. not going to take much to start driving some additional showers and storms. here is your bigger picture. here is why we're pretty much guaranteeing some rain later today. you can see the showers and even some thunderstorms out to the west. this will be interacting with the frontal system handing out across the mid-atlantic. futurecast, i'll put it in motion for you. there you are, 2:00. you can see the widespread nature of the showers and the possibility of a few thunderstorms if you will up towards baltimore and out to the north and west here, hagerstown, looks like at 5:00 p.m., might have some showers off to the north and west. we'll do it again tomorrow with additional showers and storms. mostly cloudy and humid. s
, inside the beltway, right on over toward annapolis, still that moderate rain. at least it's making its way out of howard county right now, headed toward 97. so a little bit hanging on, i think, for another 45 minutes to an hour. it's the same weather front we've had the last couple of days. it's going to plague us again today, producing more showers, maybe even some thunderstorms along and east of i-95 for today. we'll start to clear out behind that front, and that's going to give us a pretty good weekend now where we've got sunshine on tap for saturday. the front down far to the south and east. a little area of low pressure could trigger a shower sometimes on sunday, probably sunday morning, as far as the weekend goes. highs this weekend will be cooler than today, getting into the low 70s. as far assed too, 75 to 81 degrees with a little bit of thunder south. as far as the evening goes, we're down to temperatures falling from the low 70s to the low 60s. for the friday night football games could be a little wet across southern maryland. your weekend, 73, a pair of them saturday and sun
. at manassas. b.w.i. is 56 morning. this morning in annapolis. a degree above where we this time of year. average high was 81. 80. cease dropping down a little bit. minutes ng about two per weekend is a autumnal equinox. an you believe it? features today skies you the clear here with the louds still trying to move in, cold front ith that some showers across the great lakes today. rier air --ow falling apart energy with this front o going to be pushing up north. squeeze out some tonight but that is it. to be about weekend.uin your 78-83 degrees. a few clouds. sprinkle maybe. 56-64. seven-day he forecast. that really nice through the weekend and a few but sunshine and our chance of rain by tuesday and this a pretty significant rain.f getting some use a little ould bit as well. hat's your forecast. with check on traffic now angela. > thank you, good morning, veryone. good streak the stopped. a problem on the traveling maryland green belt and college line of ll see a side of the right there.reen is basically stopped on of the belt way 1.ding up to route lane isly only the l
. evacuations in place for several neighborhoods near the fire. >>> annapolis residents will see spraying for mosquitos tonight. crews will be spraying in the east port area just outside annapolis and on october 1st. that spraying will take place after 7:30 p.m. and last until the early morning hours. residents in the area should stay indoors during the spraying. >> we're hoping the mosquito season is at its end, especially with the colder temperatures we're experiencing right now. >> does it make a difference? >> it does make a difference. it slows them down. you really need the freezing temperatures. >> no rush on that really. we don't need that too soon. >> no, but yeah. spraying, good idea. >>> so just like that, over the weekend, the saeds seasoned turned on us. there is a light wind blowing out of the north at 7 miles per hour. take a look. temperatures throughout the area from howard county down through charles county were in the upper 40s here. areas mainly off to the west, right around 50 degrees. 60, one of our warm spots right now in annapolis, maryland. and look at the tempera
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the field in annapolis where tonight's -- >> jim and doreen, we brought you that information at 235k that those kids had been expelled, and also spoke to you about whether or not they'll be able to attend hool. the answer is, yes, they will be able to attend public school. a live look light now, dematha set to take on calvert has. but it was a phone call last saturday that set in motion the expulsion of those five kids. >> i support the school. i'm behind the coach and the coaches staff. i'm going to assume that the administrators did everything they could to make sure that things are going to go properly. >> the school community is saddened and hurt by the actions of these few who do not reflect the character of the community. >> the principal alleged accusations that five players called three prostitutes. the school says 65 players were on the trip, chaperoned by 18 results and that routine bed checks were done. mcmahon also added that the last hall check was at 4:30 a.m. >> the incident referred to in the newspaper occurred after 5:00 a.m. the school first learned of it on tuesday
79 degrees at annapolis. national airport, 79 as well. we've got 75 degrees at dulles. so temperatures this morning really starting out very much on the warm side. that is i apretty good indication of where we are headed, folks. your daytime high today, 90 degrees but not without some humidity. be prepared for that. you will see a fair amount of sunshine today just a few clouds. it will be hot and sticky and not very comfortable. we have cooler days ahead in the fox 5 accu-weather seven- day forecast. i'll show you that in just a bit. >> let's check in with julie wright to get the latest on the traffic. >> so far, so good this morning. no problems reported south along 270. lanes are open coming in out of hyattstown. no trouble spots to report right now leaving i-706789 you will find your lanes are open on the beltway to and from tysons corner and the springfield interchange. eastbound 66 in great shape leaving manassas headed in towards centreville. one place that was a little tricky is the top side of the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> bill cli
mild and warm. 79degrees at annapolis and 75 at bwi thurgood marshall. 79 at quantico. it will be hot today. headed to the low 90s. >> thank you. >>> time now to say hello to julie wright, see what is happening on the roads. >> and that little bit of summer is just for you, sarah simmons. >> thank you. i know you send it to me with love. >> i do. i'm loving it. i really am. >> the serve is escalate ors are out of service. the entrance escalators are out of service at foggy bottom. the station remains open. be prepared for this. if you want to make the like down the steps, you can. bus service has been requested at foggy bottom. the crew in sky fox joining us this morning. they happen to be live over 66 coming inbound from fair oaks to the beltway. lanes are open. no problems to report. the j team with us this morning, jeff, john and jeremy doing their thing. no trouble spots to report right now. we had a little something stopped on the shoulder. that has since cleared so lanes are open and pace is good leaving nutley street to the beltway. southbound 270, no problems to report out of
of it, things are really nice. temperature now, 70 in annapolis. that's far and away one of the warm spots. 50s out into the mountains of west virginia. mid 60s in and around town thanks to a ton of early morning sunshine. nothing showing up on storm 4 radar now. couple of storms along the outer coastline. those are quickly taking leave of us. if you're enjoying your sunday, first pitch for the nationals a and the marlins at 1:30 this afternoon. 77 degrees. near perfect, cooler, less humid than yesterday and no two-hour rain delay during this game unless yesterday. a beautiful morning will lead to the partly sunny afternoon. chances of five or ten minute long showers up in the high spots. but in town, nothing to worry about. temperatures in the 70s today as opposed to 91 and humid yesterday. >> chuck, thanks. >>> the national weather service is looking into reports of two possible tornados in northern virginia. >> the storm caused major damage in parts of fairfax county. news4's chris gordon is live in reston where residents are cleaning up this morning. i was out that way yesterday
areas of 83, i-83 there. then you have more showers around the shore in annapolis. all this the ghost of isaac, but still producing again some scary rains and flooding, too, in spots after coming inland days ago in indiana. there's your spin, the area of low pressure. it's not just isaac's remnant tropical rains that get to us today. it's also a weather front around the area. here we go with your future weather at lunchtime today. some scattered showers more. we see heavier stuff to the north and east already up around baltimore. more scattered showers and heavier embedded thunderstorms coming our way for the earlier part of the night. early tomorrow morning when you start your day tuesday, back to work and back to school, there will be rains around our area and probably fog, too. all this as we deal with the front that will make its way more up to the north and stationary right now. the tropical air stays over us. tuesday we're wet, and then we have the cold front coming in for wednesday when i think we actually have a better chance for showers and more thunderstorms in the area wedn
are starting out not too badly at all. it is currently 74 degrees at annapolis. we have 66 to the south at fredericksburg. 72 at d.c. not quite as warp as it was yesterday. we are headed for 90 degrees for our daytime high. -- not quite as warm as it was yesterday. there will be humidity, not quite as humid as yesterday. i do know people would love the heat and all that humidity, but not me. >> i know. but it will drop off, the humidity at least next week, right? >> maybe. >> gwen with a tease. >> thank you. >>> time now to say hello to julie wright and see what is happening during the morning commute. >> i can't wait until we just get a big bushel of tall leaves and then just let sarah nosedive right into it. >> then we can let her come to my house and cut the grass. >> i have pictures of me jumping in the leaves and that was just last year. >> you have to facebook it or tweet it. >> i will. >> and then you have to give it to wisdom because he has a lot of yard work for you to do. 66 here at nutley street hooking great. overnight roadwork all clears. lanes are open and the pace is grea
in the bowie area. in both directions, really from annapolis to the beltway, clear. if you're traveling along 5, 301, 210 nice and clear. let me give you a look at richie road, light volume. >>> next the debate surely to heat up over a popular car service in the d.c. region. >>> a clash between a local pastor and the church board members nowhere near over even after a ruling from a maryland appeals court. the court reversed the decision that removed pastor joel peebles from his leadership position at the jerricho city of praise. thousands of members stood by the pastor's side, moving with him when he was kicked out. now peebles and those members say they're making plans to return to the church's main landover campus. >> the church is now coming out, and it's very, very clear that pastor joel, as well as these thousands of members that have been displaced rightfully can return to the ministry that their tithes and offerings helped to build. >> jerricho's board, which kicked peebles out released a statement saying the decision does not change the current leadership. the statement goes back to the
but up to 6 a along the bay in annapolis. -- 65 along the bay in annapolis. lunch hour looks fan tastic. upper 70s. look at the afternoon. sunshine. temperatures mid- to upper 70s. >> looks gorgeous, thanks, howard. >>> rg3 speaks his mind about cheap shots in last sunday's game. >> the next nationals win guarantees the team a spot in the post-season. kristen berset has your morning sports. >>> good morning, everybody. i've got to say it doesn't get much better than baseball pennant race. win or lose, you're pretty much guaranteed an exciting game during this time. after yesterday's afternoon win between the nats and dodgers, the doubleheader evening game started to seem like a letdown at the beginning for nats fans but you can never count out the curly ws. the l.a. dodgers took a 6-0 lead in the 8th inning. two home runs cut it in half and bryce harper with two on send as dribbler to 3rd and he's safe at first base. he beat the throw. mike morris showing no signs of a hurt wrist, get as base hit to right. two more runs come in. the nationals just don't know how to quit. six runs in the
annapolis. hagers town at 54. western maryland still hanging on in the 40s. 45 in oakland. the forecast for today, high near 67. they're expecting a lot of clouds today and showers a lot more likely. they're a lot closer to that storm system than i was talking about. storm systems later into the afternoon. much of the day you're spending dry with clouds micked in with sun. 72 for the high temperature today around baltimore and dc. let's put the future cast in ocean, see what's happening here. that's gonna be cloudy. as we get around 4 p.m., a few green dots showing that we're going to have scattered rain chances. not a widespread rain, but just something popping up into the afternoon and towards the evening hours. then we dry out tonight. forecast for tonight. evening showers. they will be scattered. then clearing skies late in the night. sun sets in the evening hours. we drop down into the 50s with 40s in the western subbeshs. much cooler if you do live out towards the west. that same storm system stretches back into the south. this is going to bring some heavy rain as we get into the
degrees. -- leesburg, 80 degrees. wind gusts in annapolis today up to 35 miles per hour. 81 in manassas. plenty of warm air to go around. 91 in minneapolis. some heat in the midwest will arrive in our area by thursday. we will see the high around 90 degrees. satellite radar, you can see what is left of isaac moving to the east along with a warm front but that will lift to the north of us. the combination of the two will bring in the potential for some heavier downpours especially during the are afternoon hours into tomorrow night. some areas may see upward of 1 inch or more of rain. doppler radar right now a few showers north and east of baltimore. the flash flood warning up there has come to an end. looking for quieter conditions overnight. futurecast, not so quiet. clouds tomorrow and mid 80's for daytime highs. heavier showers tomorrow night into the day on wednesday. all this will move out of your late wednesday evening to early thursday morning purify low 60s's 2 mid 70 coffee a but patchy fog tomorrow morning. lounge remain off, heavier rain with temperatures around 85 degrees. th
of the skies clearing out just a bit during the past couple of hours. 72 in annapolis. plenty of warmth off to the west of us. look at this narrow band of cold front located across northwestern minnesota. this will become the weather makers. by tuesday night into early wednesday morning, could look at some strong or storms across the mid-atlantic. gusty winds and heavy downpours. this will give us a little bit of relief from the drought we have right now at the airport. about 5 inches of rain, 5 inches below average where we should be for this time of year. clouds will start to increase as we move through the day tomorrow. the big story will be on tuesday, as much as an inch of much-needed rain may fall. temperatures tomorrow by 1:00, 77 degrees. clouds will continue to thicken. we will be on the warmer side of the cold front as it moves by tuesday. heaviest of the rain off to the west. look at the high around 80 degrees. that will make the atmosphere more unstable. tuesday afternoon, tuesday evening is the best guess as to when we're looking at the strongest of the storms across our area.
cloudy most of the day. annapolis had sunshine. beautiful postcard shot. heat index around 90. that humidity is having the impact. this is very july like, late july like humidity readings, so that's adding to the uncomfortable factor. breaks in the clouds from kent island and showers billowing up to our west, big line of rain. this is isaac's last gasp. it will continue to be something that could bring us rain, especially through the day. with the heating of the day, good chance this trough line, weak boundary could flair up. exactly where that line will be, we can't say. we think the best chance will be on and off through tomorrow during the day and drier air begins to move in toward the end of the week. tropics stiming act -- still active. it's going due north. it could and up threatening bermuda as a powerful hurricane. that would be the only one. our best chance of possible showers will be tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. the outlook does dry us out into early friday and early saturday. more rain possible into sunday. some showers could linger into raves game monda
around annapolis. we will have those northwesterly winds. temperatures will be in the mid to high 70's. sunday, early in the morning temperatures into the 40's. as we get into late monday and tuesday, which begins to come our way from the south. we will see some rain. rain coming in monday and into tuesday. enjoy the weekend. breezy delightful tomorrow. temperatures will be into the 50's and 60's and during the afternoon into the mid 70's. sunday also. temperatures for a high of 78 degrees. late monday and into tuesday moisture comes in. there could be some moderate rain by tuesday. we have on our web site a blog about the potential of many an inch to 2 inches of rain on tuesday. enjoy the weekend. the dry, delightful weekend. >> we can live with that. before we move on, we want to give you advice about when you wake up monday morning. check out our newest member of our weather team, meteorologist jacqui jeras from cnn. you can watch her every morning on good morning washington. ." >> i am there. the nationals had a chance to take a step closer to securing the national east crown tonig
personnel who went into those burning buildings. >> the county held a tribute in annapolis. >>> when we woke up this morning it was the weather. a little before nine we all remember where we were 11 years ago. we remember who we lost, what we lost. in new york, they read the roll call of names. >> and my god mother. >> in shaimptionville people remembered the -- shanksville, people remembered. it was a struggle with the hijackers for control of the plane. >> my goal is we wish we didn't have to be here. wish we didn't have to commemorate this. the. >> the names of the passengers and crew were read at the month the plane crashed. bells were rung by surviving members who became involved in the aftermath of the crash. in washington, president obama and the first lady observed a month of silence on the south lawn. the obamas later layed a white ploarl wroaght and visited wounded soldiers at walter reed center. >> the best threng you can say about art modell is he made us forget our time without football. art modell may have been the only man to pull this off. >> owners and executives all gathere
as a bell outside. temperatures across the region, at 40's and 50's this morning. even 58 in annapolis. this puts this in perspective. it is cooler than it should be e of year. elastomer sought temperatures this school of reagan national was may 19. -- the last time we saw waseratures this cold national at may 19. wehas been for months since have that cool, crisp air. it is warming up quickly. 70 degree this gaithersburg and 77 degrees in frederick. high pressure is our dominant feature. is controlling our weather here the eastern 2/3 of the country. a whole lot of people are nice air the backside of this, the over are moving clockwise a high pressure system and they the south and that beats up the atmosphere. rapid city, south dakota yesterday that a record high of 100 degrees. will we get that warrant? thise but 79 degrees afternoon and cooling into the overnight, clear and cool overnight and tomorrow looking degrees and we will gradually warm-up for the rest week. no rain until maybe the weekend. it is only a 30% chance. it looks like great days in the meantime. toming up ne
in the vicinity. temperatures, once again, very warm outside, muggy, we can see the 76 degrees, annapolis, 72 marriottsville. 70 westminster. edgewood 74. 73 elkton. >>> by 6:00, the roads in downtown baltimore should be re- opened for you use following the weekend's grand prix which is welcome news for commuters and people who drive downtown. >> cheryl conner spoke with business openers to get thoughts on this year's race. take a look. >> reporter: tearing down the walls for a secondee of the baltimore grand prix, the construction doesn't make as much noise as the race cars that turn downtown baltimore in to a trap with speeds of 180 miles per hour, while the rest of us stood still. literally if you were driving near the inner harbor, pratt was shut down through the weekend putting business owners on edge. >> i think this year was with us. the race was over at 6:00. everybody came out. >> reporter: little italy, the opener says this year was many successful than the first grand prix, a special menu, cool wine cellar and bocce ball inside brought people in. the owner says his business will do
. -- out of annapolis and we love tailgating. as you can see, there are people all around and we're on the corner of hamburg and russell. we love this season. we're looking for tonight that we cannot wait for the ribbons to bring us a win. >> thank you. we're going to get some food. we have so many people tell us about their favorites. >> terry yukiya chicken and steamed shrimp and some subs in the car waiting for the sun to go down. we have some refreshments and a bunch of other people coming so we have a girl set up. you never know who might bring what. >> we have a good time. >> we're heading out. reporting live from the stadium. >> purple pride is everywhere. you can share your pictures and videos with us. upload them to the website or try out app. >> players and fans are saying goodbye. the funeral for art modell is set for 11:00 a.m. tomorrow and it will be held at baltimore hebrew congregations. he was very supportive member of the synagogue. the rabbi says his life and his contributions will be focused on tomorrow. >> the jewish tradition teaches us our funerals of the sa
this morning. 53 degrees at the airport. frederick, 45. edgewood, at 56. annapolis, 61. you can see the chilly air demonstrated in blue. it run up into new england and the eastern portion of the great lakes. hear of those thin clouds to the south with the rainmakers in the carolinas. -- here are the thin clouds to the south. that will be pushing moisture our way. looking for some tropical development. this front will start to make a move. the high pressure has to get out of the way. we have some rain on the icon. most of the day will be dry. southeast winds said 5 to 10 miles per hour. small craft advisory will be going up. a one to two-foot chop on the bay. the actual moisture will be held off until evening and overnight. the highest rain chances will be tomorrow as a cold front moves and. once that goes through, we should dry out and the end of the week looks just fine. tomorrow, severe weather a slight risk. here's the seven-day forecast. dry most of the day today. by evening, shower chances start to move been from the southwest. a rainy day tomorrow. some of strong storms are possible -- s
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